Italian for ice-cream

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The big thing about movie multi-plexes these days is the fact that the movie watching is really the least important thing to do there. You can play pool, buy shoes, (or clothes, or watches, or candy) and of course eat, drink, buy books and generally hang out with friends. Unfortunately to the sound of head-banging music(?).
The one round the corner from my place also has a counter for a local brand of Gelato called Ti-Amo, Pune’s only gelato brand for the moment. I’m not an ice-cream fan at all, give me cheese cake any day, but this stuff is absolutely lip-smacking.

Six months back I hadn’t even the word. But now it’s the latest fad in ice-cream, though as all the interesting signage would tell you, it isn’t ice-cream at all and it isn’t sinful or something you need to watch your diet with.

Gelato is a generic Italian word for ice cream. The same word is commonly used in English speaking countries to refer to ice cream that is prepared the Italian way. During the preparation of Gelato the ingredients are super-cooled while stirring to break up any ice crystals as they form. The result is a smooth and creamy texture even though it contains hardly any cream! It also has less than 35% air that leaves you with a dense and extremely flavourful concoction. It is made with the freshest of fruit and other yummy ingredients imported straight from

The best part is that Gelato contains only 5–10% fat! ( I got this off their site, so if you want to know more, you should check it out.

Ti-Amo, which incidently means “I love you” in Italian, has been started by Gauri Nafrey and her husband, both finance professionals, who packed up their lucrative careers in London, to follow their hearts and their stomachs.

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