Can you stickk to your diet?

Posted by admin | Diets & Dieting,Just Food Articles - writers invited | Wednesday 30 September 2009 10:20 pm

Read a snippet somewhere that made me do this search.

A new English site is challenging people to Stickk to their goals – and not just dieting, though not surprisingly that is goal #1. In the most likely way possible, making you bet money against yourself. The site is based on the belief that people are better motivated to meet goals if they have something to lose. So allows users to make bets against their goals, and if they don’t meet these goals, they lose money to a pre-picked charity, or an (I like this one!) anti-charity – an organization they despise.

I thought it was a really interesting concept; still surfing, but from what I see, while things like committing to exercise or diet or quitting the butt may be at the top of the list, there are things like committing to creating less trash, to produce Art (boy, do I need a push there!) or improving English skills. Basically choose the goal, set yourself some deadlines, choose friends to watch from the by-side and choose a referee. Then you’re ready to go.



Posted by admin | Diets & Dieting,Just Food Articles - writers invited | Monday 28 September 2009 11:07 pm

Now this is a new one for me. I just read it in the Sunday Times (of India, that is).

    Who is an Exceptor?
    An exceptor is a person who chooses to eat meat on special occasions. A vegetarian by habit, the exceptor makes exceptions for days like weddings, festivals and celebrations. After the vegan, eggetarian and flexitarian, it is the exceptor who is basically vegetarian, but makes changes in diet to suit the occasion.

Incidently I don’t find this word in any online dictionary.
Ahem! Wonder if it works the other way round. I think I’m a non-vegetarian exceptor, who makes changes in diet to be vegetarian when I don’t really have a choice, such as office lunch times.


Swine ‘flu

Posted by admin | Just Food Articles - writers invited | Saturday 26 September 2009 9:48 am

Swine ‘flu is the big news in Pune. The first 2 weeks, immediately after all schools, colleges, multiplexes and some public places (but not offices) closed down and everyone walked about in masks or handkerchiefs, and all the roads were empty – it was very eerie. Rumours ran rife.

porkBut slowly, like all good Indians we’ve gotten used to the idea that people are dying, 61 in Pune as of today, and things are absolutely back to normal. Except for the newspapers giving a countdown everyday. Even that has gone from headline news to down at the bottom of Pg 1, or like today, onto page 2.

Needless to say, if you even sneeze everyone swivels round to look at you suspiciously. I had a bout of ‘flu, a bit after the first panic, just the normal kind thank God, but for the first time ever in my working life I stayed home for 3 whole days, and no one even considered calling me back to work 🙂

The surprising thing though, – the reason this comment is even on this blog, is that swine ‘flu hasn’t massacred Pork the way, bird ‘flu did Chicken on the menu. It gave cause for a lot of posts, and some very cheap chicken meals. It could just be that this isn’t exactly pork-eating country. I enjoy it thoroughly, but it’s not something we have very often. In fact, I can’t remember when I had some lovely Sorpotel. Hmmmm…

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