Posted by admin | Diets & Dieting,Health Facts | Saturday 15 January 2011 3:56 am

I’m not really very good at reading anything other than fiction, but I actually got through Don’t lose your mind, loose your weight in less than a week, and for me that’s really saying something!

I like the simple, chatty, no-nonsense way this young woman writes. Sure she may have got all her first publicity riding on actress Kareena Kapoor’s name (and size, or lack thereof) but after that I’m sure, it’s on her own steam. She takes the myths we’ve been fed for years and busts them in simple understandable ways, explains why you should or should not eat or do something. She has a ‘cheat-list’ that lets you have some favourites. All in all, at the end of the book, I felt pretty educated, which is saying a lot from someone who reads all available food, health and weight loss articles. (Obviously I haven’t imbibed much!) The trouble is, as in all good advice, though the facts sound logical and simple, actually following them…
Have I lost any weight? Yes, actually. 2 kilos since the beginning of the year, but that may or may not be thanks to the book. It is also a return to normal intake after a year-end of celebratory gorging. And her 4 simple Principles as she calls them, are simple on the face of it, but…; it just takes a lot of will-power to break years of bad habit, I guess.

Check it out for yourself, it’s worth it.

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