Another Vegetarian vs Non-vegetarian discussion

Posted by admin | Just Food Articles - writers invited | Tuesday 14 June 2011 11:41 pm

I’ve been crazy busy, and no time to blog. Crazy busy doing among other things, a lot more cooking than usual, – but yeah, ridiculous as it sounds, still no time for my food blog, duh!
But last Sunday I came across a delightful ‘foodie’ article in the Indian Express by Rama Bijapurkar that needs the 5 minutes it will take to mention here. The Food Factor is an interesting discussion on vegetarian and non-vegetarian habits in this country. Since it’s a subject that interests me too, and I have come to the conclusion that it is probably only we Indian’s who use the term “non-vegetarian”, here goes…

    A couple of excerpts…
    “But keeping a balance between the vegetarian side of my family and the non-vegetarian side has always been a bit of a challenge, and I constantly struggle to figure my position on issues that arise as a result. Is it fair to deprive one part of the family of food that they like when elders of the other side come visiting? Or is it a non-negotiable mark of respect, does it build character and everyone has to learn to adjust? How many months of such character building is too much? If your child is eating kebabs off the street because it can’t be made at home, is she being a spoilt brat, or should one treat it the same as going to a bhelpuriwallah? ” 

    “It is always interesting to think about how Brahmins everywhere are enjoined to be vegetarian but in Bengal they can eat fish, presumably because there fish is a vegetable of the sea. I guess the word that works best for many of us Indians is that we are neither vegetarian, nor non-vegetarian — we are “choosetarian”. “

Enjoy! I did.

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