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Posted by admin | | Monday 13 August 2007 1:06 pm

The New Foodie is a site in search of an identity, in a world where almost every day it seems that food itself is under attack.

We’re surrounded by food. Food trivia, recipes, food or rather ‘no-food’ diets and food rules. What you should or shouldn’t eat. What’s good for you and what’s bad for you… Oops! that just changed again today! Do you live to eat or eat to live, and is that good, or bad, or lethal. Does food just work on your stomach (and your shape), or does it work on your brain? Or your libido. Or again, is that just imagination?
Then vegetarianism versus veganism verses the flesh-eaters. What’s good for you, what’s good for animals, what’s good to fight global warming?!

And finally recipes, simple and complex, because ultimately, if you don’t enjoy your food, is it worth it?

Food for thought, all of it.


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