Diet – Day 7

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Day 7
Well, I’ve come to the end of my week of diet, and I have to admit I’m pretty thrilled. For one, that I finished it at all without too much ‘cheating’, and two, that I have actually lost upwards of one and a half kilograms. Unfortunately, I didn’t actually weigh myself just before, because I wanted this to be more about self-control, but naturally now I wish I had.
There’s no doubt about it, keeping this blog helped me stick through with it.

Today though is Sunday, and my diet says, fruit juices, vegetables and brown rice. I decided to forget about the brown rice (I couldn’t get it in my vicinity today) and just concentrate on the healthy route.

So I had some orange juice, but not a great deal. Lots of boiled veggies. And fish. I decided to try something new and I must say it turned out pretty interesting. Fish marinated in lots of masala powders and cooked in lots of wine, what can I call it but Drunken Fish?
drunken fish
Now we’ve got guests for dinner so thats the end of healthy, but well, I will try.

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