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I’m a real believer in the fact that yo-yo dieting doesn’t work, and that any weight loss can only come from a long-term sustained, controlled attitude to food. BUT…

Sometimes my food habits go so out of whack, I feel totally fat, unhealthy and out of control. At any given time I can heardly call my diet the healthiest in the world. One cup of tea when I wake, one when I reach the office, usually no breakfast even thought, in theory I’m a believer. Then major hunger pangs at noon and straight to the ‘SNACK BOX’. If I’m lucky all that’s in it is a few biscuits. If I’m really unlucky it’s oily potato or banana chips. Either which way, my strong point lately hasn’t been self-control. Then it’s lunch, then 4 o’clock nibbles, then 6 o’clock snacks – the greasier the better (what IS it about Indian snacks!). And then dinner past 10 o’clock or even 11 some days depending on work.
And then in an ordinary week, at least one meal out. Last week it was, of all places KFC! An absolutely wonderful Zinger burger, but dripping oil and mayonnaise. Sigh.

Which brings me to the point, I decided to take control and kick-start a new control window and hopefully loose some weight. The only way I know is to do a week of the General Motors diet. I’ve done this one in the past, but never right through to the end. Like all ‘organised’ diets, it takes a lot of work, pre-planning and preparation. This one I’m doing alongside a colleague so hopefully it will last longer.

Yesterday was Day 1. Always the toughest.
Fruits, fruits and only fruits. No bananas though. And no beverages, though I DID have my 3 cups of milk tea which is completely breaking the rules, but the way I figure it, it’s better than my daily diet.
Started the day with tea. With sugar, actually a cmplete no-no. And some time between 10 am and lunchtime had an orange.
For lunch it was a few pieces of succulent watermelon. And a cup full of papaya. And an orange again right after.
By 3 pm I had to go out and buy figs and grapes. Grapes for everyone, figs just for me. By 6pm my teeth were on edge with all the sour grapes. 1 more tea. One more fig.

Can’t say it was a very good day. I was constantly aware of my knawing stomach.
On the way home I bought a large papaya that turned out to be excellent, sweet and just the right amount or ripe. Had three fourths of that for dinner.
And spent an hour chopping and preparing for today!
More later.

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