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healthy carrot juiceJust a coincidence but this morning I saw a write-up in the paper about this company that sells healthy, natural fruit juices. Apart from the fact that I was interested in knowing more, the name – Nutrotop Health, and more than that, the packaging caught my eye because it was familiar.

About a year back my neighbor had locked up and gone out of town for almost a fortnight, and though they’d stopped the newspapers and the milk, these little green and white packets were being left outside the door everyday. After watching them pile up from afar for 3 days I went to see what it was, and was pleasantly surprised because I didn’t know you could have fresh fruit or vegetable juice deposited at your doorstep. One clear instruction on the packets was “use within 7 hours”, so I threw the packets out. I did take down the telephone number to contact them though, hoping to know more, and maybe be good and neighborly and stop the delivery for a few days. As it happens, the number didn’t exist! and so the packets kept being dropped off, earlier than I wake up obviously.
I was sorely tempted to taste one – if I recall right it was carrot juice, but resisted.

Well here they are again. I see these things like signs – I’m SUPPOSED to try them! And at Rs.7 for a 100ml packet it doesn’t seem to extravagant. Probably cheaper to do at home, but well, I never do. Do you?
They offer, according to their site, * Wheatgrass * Carrot * Bottlegourd/Louki/Dudhi Bhopla * Bitter Gourd (Karella) * Tulsi * Beetroot * Aonla * Neem * Ginger Lime * Wheatgrass-Bittergourd Mix and fruits – * Pineapple * Mango * Grapes * Green Mango * Strawberry * Guava * Kokum * Papaya * Apple Milk shake * Chiku Milk Shake.

Must call them! More info when I do…..

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